Is Cloning Legal?

Ava’s been eying the Clone-a-Willyy tucked away in the back corner of the store. She’s known for several months that she wants one – who wouldn’t want a silicone effigy of a penis with which you’re already intimately familiar, and of which you’re fond? – but she didn’t know she would be single when a rep from the company finally came by to teach her and her coworkers about the product and give out free samples. “It figures,” she scoffs under her breath to her cute colleague Miles once the training session has wrapped up. “I finally get my hands on one of these and I don’t have access to a willy to clone.”

“Aren’t you banging your ex again?” Miles shoots back with a smirk. “Can’t you just borrow his… ‘willy’?” Ava’s not sure what she was expecting Miles to say, but that wasn’t it.

In any case, he’s right. Danny is the closest thing she has right now to regularly-scheduled dick. Their supposedly one-off hookup has slid into something more akin to an unusually flirty friendship-with-benefits, or maybe an unusually chill nascent relationship. (Is it called a re-relationship, Ava wonders, if you get back together with your ex?) She texts him on her walk home from the shop – “Can I borrow your penis for a science experiment?” – and a block later he texts her back: “I might regret this later, but sure.”

They make plans for that evening: wine, Chinese takeout, and Clone-a-Willy. Ava can barely admit to herself that this is the most excited she’s been about a date in months – if this is even a date. He shows up straight from work, in the exact type of biz-casual chinos and button-down that always made her want to pounce on him back when they were dating-dating. “Someone ordered a cock?” he jokes jovially, and hands over a crinkled brown bag with “New Ho King” written on the side. “I’m just kidding; that’s our chicken fried rice and dumplings.” Ava flushes pink and goes to fetch some plates.

Later, when their bellies are full and the chardonnay has given their flirtation a tipsy sheen, Ava unpacks the contents of the Clone-a-Willy kit. She reads the instructions and then reads them again. “Alright, let’s do this,” she announces, like a foreman at a construction site. “It looks like I’m gonna mix up this molding powder mixture and pour it into a tube, and then you’re gonna stick your dick into it.”

“I’ve stuck my junk in weirder things,” Danny says with a shrug, and Ava punches his arm lightly the way she used to when he would bust her chops for liking One Direction or early-oughts Lindsay Lohan movies. Some things never change.

A matter of hours later, Ava and Danny – now lounging around in their underwear on the living room floor, glowing post-coitally, because hey, you gotta pass the time somehow – carefully extract a perfect silicone replica of Danny’s beautiful cock from their mold. They set it down on Ava’s coffee table and marvel at it in stunned silence. “Damn,” Danny finally says, with a low whistle. “I know you just got fucked, but… do you wanna get fucked again?” Ava’s glad he brought it up; she was thinking the exact same thing.

Her cunt is already wet and warm from its earlier pounding, so it only takes a few minutes of Danny kissing her and groping her pretty tits for her to feel ready to take the rather substantial piece of silicone. Danny rubs it down with good lube – she’s taught him well – and slides it inside her. She gasps; it’s firmer than she was expecting, firmer than Danny’s actual flesh and blood. But the shape and size of this fuck are familiar to her. She knows the contours of this cock like the back of her hand – in part because her hands have spent so much time wrapped around it. Now Danny’s hands are wrapped around it, guiding it all the way inside her until it touches the deepest places it can reach. She clenches around it and moans.

“Good?” he asks, with a wicked grin.

“Very,” she replies, and grabs his hairy forearm so she can show him the rhythm she wants. He catches on quickly; the tempo of Ava’s arousal is burned into his muscle memory. With her other hand, she strokes her clit, still swollen from before, in tight circles that soon have her cunt muscles twitching and clenching. “Fuck,” she curses, and Danny does.

She’s come on his cock countless times, grabbing at sheets and curling her toes, but this time is different – because this time, he can watch her closely as she’s coming. He does, fucking her through it, not stopping even as she starts to thrash around on the carpet from the aftershocks. “You’re beautiful,” he says as he lies down on top of her to hold her still and keep her warm through those delicious trembles. “You’re so beautiful.”

Meeting My Dom

Pausing to collect his thoughts at the door to the local cafe, he wondered what he had gotten himself into. After years of prowling online fetish forums, he’d finally found an amazing, dominant woman. He’d spent the last three months absolutely glued to his cell phone as his every activity was interrupted by his need to respond to her every text. As their conversations went from sexual to work-related to sexual and all over the place, he’d felt a connection he’d never felt before. In years of trying to find a good fit, well, he finally had found it. The cafe’s door handle felt cold and heavy in his grasp. He couldn’t believe he was about to meet her for the first time.

“Excuse me?”

Jostled out of his inner dialogue, Joshua was surprised to see a tall, blonde woman waiting to enter the cafe – the door to which he was standing in front of. He gave her an embarrassed smile and stepped aside as he opened the heavy door.


She gave him a hurried smile as she walked through the proffered entrance.

He gave himself a final once-over in the distorted view the glass door offered before striding into the cafe. Attempting to look confident (and realizing he was probably failing), he took his place in line behind the tall blonde. Despite his attempts to keep his eyes glued to the menu, he couldn’t help but glance around the cafe. Was she here? He was ten minutes early, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t even earlier.

And yep. Shit. She was already here. He knew his choice to look around the coffeeshop was a poor choice for his nerves when he made eye contact with her. Her eyes met his, and she didn’t look away. Her lips curved into a predatory smirk as she raised an eyebrow at him. The coffeehouse’s branded cup sat next to her open book, and her long, brown hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her thick thighs overflowed the edges of the wooden chair beneath her. Now he felt overdressed in his button-up shirts and dress slacks next to her t-shirt and jeans.

“Uh, sir?”

Joshua whipped his head around to find the barista staring at him, the empty two feet in front of him looking like an obvious sign that he hadn’t been paying attention. Well, maybe that’s why she had been smirking at him. He tried to push her from his thoughts as he stepped towards the counter and profusely apologized before making his order.

Unfortunately, with the order out of the way, he’d need to walk towards the pick-up counter – and closer to her table near the corner. Would it be awkward to just wait for the drink without introducing himself? He figured he should say hello first, but he wasn’t really sure he was ready. After a mini argument with himself, Joshua figured he’d have to introduce himself sooner or later. Filling his lungs with a deep breath he didn’t know he needed, he strode over to her table. Despite his appearance clearly within her peripheral vision, the woman’s face was still stuck in her book, her brunette tresses hiding her face from view. Should he speak up? Should he interrupt her? Was it just better to be patient? God, he hated first dates.

Time passed as slow as molasses while he waited, and he felt the nervous goosebumps prickling his forearms. Finally, as his patience was reaching its limit, she slipped a plastic bookmark into her book, gently pressed the book shut, and raised her eyes to meet his own.


His name was a greeting and a statement all in one. Those three syllables held so much hidden meaning that he couldn’t even begin to unpack while he was expected to hold up a conversation. A smile, though. He could do that much.

“Hey Cassandra.”

She returned the smile then raised her hand in a dismissive motion.

“Go pick up your coffee, and then sit down to properly talk.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He scurried off and was thankful when the coffee was slid across the counter a few mere seconds before he made it there. Slipping aside the cardboard sleeve encasing the steamy cup, he ensured the coffee was meant for him before taking the branded cup back to her table. Back to her.

Placing the cup onto the wooden table, he soon followed suit, and sat before her. His thighs suddenly ached with relief from the shaking he hadn’t realized they’d been doing. Sitting felt like a luxurious pleasure – even if he was far from the relief of this first date going well. Who knew just getting to the table was going to be such a field of potential landmines?

The conversation started with stilted pleasantries. They both were still new to one another, and the conversation didn’t flow comfortably. There was a few awkward pauses here – a few stuttered answers there. As the minutes passed, the conversation slowly started to flow better, and he found himself entranced with her answers. All that mattered was the next words from between her lips – and providing an answer that put a smile or thoughtful expression on her face. Before long, the first-date jitters turned into all the excitement and attraction they’d both felt during their months of texting. What a fucking relief.

“My coffee is empty,” she noted, sadly. Though no command passed through her lips, he saw her expression and her pointed gaze as she lifted the cup towards him.

“Vanilla latte with non-fat milk. Same size.”

While he didn’t quite jump up, Joshua certainly didn’t linger, and soon found himself back up at the front counter with another order. He made sure to keep an eye (and ear) on Cassandra’s whereabouts as he placed the order and then wandered back to the order pick-up spot to await her coffee. He wanted nothing more than to prove his obedience and ensure the fire he was feeling went both ways. All of those intimate texts about their kinks and desires came flooding back to him, and he angled his hips to hide the erection he was sure his brain would be giving him any second now. All those things she loved. All those things she wanted him to do…

The small motion didn’t escape Cassandra’s scrutiny. The novel long forgotten on a corner of the table, she’d been watching her potential submissive carefully. While he appeared to be casually waiting for a drink, she saw the way he rocked on his hips. She noticed as he angled towards the counter, and she especially paid attention as his hand slipped into his pocket to readjust his dress pants.

She bristled as a hunched woman destroyed her uninterrupted gaze. Begrudgingly, Cassandra dragged her eyes to meet the sparkling eyes of this older lady.

“I wish my husband would behave like that. That one’s a keeper.” The elderly woman gave her a gum-toothed smile which the dominant woman returned in kind. The subsequent blush that blush that crept up her “husband’s” cheeks gave her a thrill of satisfaction as the elderly woman walked away. I guess he had heard that not-so-discreet display.

She was treated with a few more minutes of peaceful studying of this intriguing man before the barista shouted out her potential submissive’s name, and within a few seconds, he was back at their table – with a noticeable flush on his cheeks. Well, now seemed as good of a time as ever to turn this a bit more….fun.

“You seemed to really like the countertop,” she teased with a smirk.

The room seemed to get smaller around him, and he felt his eyes widen with the blatant and public statement about something he considered so private. Yet he couldn’t deny it. He felt the press of his loose dress pants against his erection, and being so vulnerable was so arousing – and definitely very uncomfortable. He found a pleasurable, private joy in the fact that he found the discomfort pretty hot too. Maybe he was meant to be a submissive.

“I guess….”

“That doesn’t sound particularly convincing. Or a good way to address a Mistress.”

His eyes were like small, flying saucers now, and he didn’t think he could get any more surprised. As discreetly as he could manage, he tried to glance around him and see what other patrons were within earshot. As far as he could tell, they had privacy for at least two tables’ length around them. Maybe this corner table had been a strategic choice. The fact that she had been planning to embarrass him in public like this made his cock pulse.

“Yes…Ma’am,” he stuttered out feeling his face running as hot as a thousand suns. Surely everyone could see how flustered he was – even if they couldn’t hear the conversation. The arousal, embarrassment, and new experience was a heady cocktail that was spinning out of control much too fast – and he wasn’t sure he minded.

“Much better,” she said with a smile.

“Now….” She crept a hand across the table to slide over the retrieved coffee, but she allowed her fingers to lightly sweep across his hand as she did it. Drawing the coffee back across the table, she brought it up to her lips, allowing her powerful silence to thicken the air between them. She felt powerful like this – knowing he was hanging on her every word and waiting for the next syllables to fall from her lips. She let the silence settle between them, building the anticipation for her next words before dropping her voice to a softer timber.

“Do you remember when we talked about how much you enjoyed the idea of discreet public play?”

Of course he remembered. She’d brought it up last month while he was attending a get-together for a friend’s job promotion. As he answered her spitfire texts, over and over, he found himself trying to hide behind furniture – and even making excuses for why he was unable to move off the couch. The entire night still stuck out as a giant, erotic tease, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t jerked off in the bathroom mid-party when he couldn’t take it anymore. So, yes, of course he remembered.

“Yes,” he stated – and then caught himself. “Yes, ma’am.”

His correction brought a wide smile to his tablemate’s face, and he was glad he’d managed to remember.

“Good boy,” she murmured before tearing her gaze away from his. Reaching behind her, she grasped a purse over the chair’s back and slid it onto the table in front of her. She instantly began rummaging around in the large bag. The submissive did his best to avoid craning his neck to try to see inside that large, secretive bag. He even managed it. A few seconds later, she pulled out a small, black, drawstring bag and placed it on the table as she unceremoniously swung the purse back onto its storage spot.

With a smirk, the small bag was decisively slid across the table towards him.

“So, what do you think that is?”

He took a few moments before sliding his hands to meet hers on top of the little bag. Within seconds, he had a very good idea. Sliding his hands around the satin, he felt the item’s short length. One end was pretty round while the middle part of the object was really small. The other side of this short object was thick all over again. Could it…Could it be a butt plug?

The realization hit him with a new wave of arousal, and he was hard all over again. He was even more aware of the woman’s fingers against his own as the plug slid a little bit closer towards his side of the table.

“You’re going to go the restroom. You will insert it, and bring back the empty bag as proof. I’m not requiring any photos….this time.”

The idea that she’d make him do this again added to the arousing haze overtaking him, and he felt the tiny tremors of his thighs as his nervousness over this daring plan settled into the deepest corners of his mind. Before he lost his nerve, he gripped the bag in his hand, slid it towards himself, and stood, marching off to the unisex restrooms in the opposite corner of the store.

Don’t turn around. Don’t turn around. He cajoled himself to avoid her gaze as he walked away – though he was distinctly aware of every part of her presence. His nerves only relaxed once the heavy wooden door was locked tight behind him – sealing him into the well-lit, spacious bathroom of the coffeeshop.

His hands in a deathgrip over the frigid porcelain of the sink, he studied his reflection. He was sweaty, and his arm was visibly shaking. Choosing to slide this butt plug in felt like the first real step in his kink journey. He’d fantasized about this journey for years, but fantasies and reality didn’t always mesh up so well. Was he ready for this? Was he ready to finally act out all of those fantasies that had always been so safe in the confines of his mind?

No, he wasn’t really sure, and it terrified the hell out of him, but one step at a time. Inserting a plug didn’t seem that hard, and he was in the safety of a coffeeshop. He’d never get to try any of it if he didn’t put himself out there. He was going to do it.

Emptying the bag on the sink, he was happy to see that she’d included a travel-sized bottle of lube. Was she this thorough about everything?

After using the toilet and thoroughly washing his hands, he set about inserting the plug. He’d done this more than a few times with his stockpile of toys in the privacy of his own home – but never in a coffeeshop bathroom and never at the command of a beautiful woman who was waiting on the other side of this door. The situation compounded itself in his brain causing his cock to throb in a way that was all-encompassing. There was no resisting the urge to stroke himself a few times, but conscious of the woman waiting for him, he was forced to tear his grip away.

Rubbing the rigid length of his cock had fueled this erotic blaze even further – but it also had helped relax his body. Covering the plug in lube, it inserted easily. Months of play with anal toys had clearly paid off, and she had been conscious of the plug’s size before casually requiring his compliance in a coffeeshop. Slid in to the hilt, the plug didn’t stretch him, but there was certainly no way he was going to forget its presence. Plucking up some paper towels, he mopped up the excess lube from his skin, and he readjusted his clothes. With a final washing of his hands, he left the restroom.

Every single step was a new experience. He felt the luscious pleasure of the plug sliding against his sensitive skin with every step. Was he walking funny? Was his erection too obvious? Did everyone know what was going on? He was suddenly very conscious of the near-empty satin bag he was holding in his hand. Focusing on placing one foot in front of the other, the walk back to her table seemed almost like a cross-country journey, and the relief he felt when he slid back into his chair was almost palpable.

Greeted with a raised eyebrow, the submissive man quickly placed the satin bag on the table. With a few quick pats of the bag, that assertive smirk of hers came back, and the satin bag was taken, once again, out of his sight.

She then launched into a series of questions. More like an interview than a conversation, he found that she kept supplying the next topic of conversation after the previous one had finished. It hardly left any time for him to contemplate the sensations filling up his entire lower body. The dominant woman’s lips occasionally took a break with a sip of coffee, but the questioning was relentless.

Despite the odd conversation style, Joshua found himself entirely engaged. She led the conversation – just like she had led his decision to slide a plug into himself in the middle of a crowded coffeeshop. He just hoped that his feeble answers were enough to keep her attention. With the constant throbbing in his ass and his cock, he wasn’t sure how well he was holding up his side of the conversation. It was a constant battle not to grind against the chair for more sensation – or to see if his dress pants could provide any relief to the constant pressure of his cock. All he knew was that he wanted more of this, and he had a feeling this “conversation” was her way of determining if he was worth it.

Finally, she paused her barrage of questions and just looked at him. Despite the nerves that were buzzing around at a zillion miles an hour, he didn’t dare interrupt her hungry gaze. The silence between them became almost too heavy to hold as he waited for those next syllables to pass through her lips. He was all-too-aware of the throbbing of his cheeks against the wooden seat beneath him, and there was no resisting the urge to subtly shift his hips against the chair to feel the plug respond within his body.

“Do you want more?” she purred, keeping his gaze. He lost the eye contact battle as she slid her tongue over her lower lip, capturing every second of his attention. Prey. He felt like prey, and she was attempting to hunt him like a lion who hadn’t had a dinner for weeks.

“There isn’t much more we can do here. But I’m heading to my car, and here is my address.” The dominant woman slid a business card across the coffeeshop table – reminding him of the sensuous promise the butt plug had delivered only minutes before.

“I’m heading out. If you show up wearing that plug today, we can talk about more play. If you’re too nervous to jump into something so suddenly but would love more dates, that’s okay too. Just don’t show up today, and feel free to shoot me a text message, and we can continue chatting. But today, I’m just in an awfully excited mood, and I’m really desiring a beautiful man like yourself to torture. So if you’re game, I’m game.”

With that, Cassandra stood and took the two steps to reach the other side of the table. With her breasts almost at eye-level, it took all of his self-control to look up into her demanding eyes.

“The choice is yours, Joshua. No pressure either way. I’m interested in going as slowly or as quickly as you’d like. A woman just has urges sometimes.”

She kept his gaze as she whispered out these words. Ending her statement with a wink, Joshua’s gaze followed the brunette as she walked out the coffeeshop door. He fingered the sturdy business card in his fingers: her full name, address, and phone number. He pulled out his phone to ensure those digits matched the ones saved in his phone, and sure enough, they were a perfect match. Every part of his lower body was aware of his frantic heartbeat – thanks to that butt plug she had effectively slid up his butt. He certainly wanted more, but…was he ready for more?

Is This for Real?

Many phone sex callers dream of one day meeting that sexy girl they speak to on the phone during their most intimate of moments. It’s not something that happens often, but it does happen. Sometimes the callers aren’t ready for fantasy phone girl to become real life reality girlfriend or wife, but it has been known to happen. Working the phone lines can be a lonely job at times, you talk to lots of people, yet you yourself are home alone, perhaps not seeing people at all. You get to share their intimate secrets and likes and dislikes and you can often become quite familiar with your callers and develop a level of trust and comfort with them.

Last year I met one of my callers. He’d been a client for over ten years. I knew and trusted him and he was easily searchable online (yes, we girls search the clients at times if we care to do so). He was a lawyer, a good reputation and lived around an hour away from me. I liked many of the things he told me about himself and many facts were easy to find online whether they were true or not. He told me he wanted a relationship with me and would I ever consider such a meeting. I gave it some thought and agreed to meet in a public restaurant, which I felt was a safe space and no chance of any danger. We only met in public places of my choosing for a year before I felt truly comfortable and safe around him.

Then he asked me to come to his home for dinner. He was quite the amateur chef and loved to cook and impress others with his culinary skills. I loved the meal he prepared me, and I knew by going to his home, I was kind of agreeing to be dessert. I was ok with that and ready for that and he was just as talented in the bedroom as he was the kitchen I am pleased to say.

He led me to the bedroom and slowly undressed me and kissed every inch of my body. I knew from our years of phone sex calls just what he liked sexually, so it certainly saved me a lot of guess work. I knew he loved blow jobs more than just about anything, so I laid him back on the bed and treated his cock just how I knew he loved it to be. I caressed it, licked it, sucked it, worked my tongue from top to bottom and back again and then placed his balls in my mouth. He chuckled and said he was glad I’d been paying attention all those years on the phone to his desires. I certainly had.

We got in the sixty nine position and he did indeed love going down on pussy as much as he enjoyed his own cock getting sucked off. He loved my shaved cunt and teased every inch of it with his tongue before heading for the clit. Once he started on that clit and latched onto it, he did not let me go until I was literally having spasms from the pleasure. I was a quivering mess after how he went down on me. I nearly passed out from the intensity of the orgasm. We then took a little break and had some champagne and then he wanted to fuck. I knew he loved the same position I did the most, so no arguments here. He wanted me on top.

I loved being on top and controlling the pace, the depth and the motions. He grabbed my breasts and teased the nipples into hardened peaks as I rode astride him and made sure my clit touched his throbbing cock with every up and down stroke. I knew I was close so I bounced and I bounced and soon came explosively on his cock. My juices streaming down his shaft and my cunt wildly contracting around him, milking his load deep into me. It was the best sex I’d had in years. With a client of all people. I told him we were very compatible as lovers and I’d love to continue this relationship. I’m seeing him again tonight. This isn’t the type of relationship that usually works out, but when it does, it’s sheer heaven.

May I Share a Ride?

I am a more mature lady in my early seventies, I enjoy cultural events, the symphony, and the arts very much and go to them regularly. I am a widow though, and often go to these events alone. My children are middle aged and have their own lives and live in different cities, so I make my own fun when I am planning to see something. Last week I went to the opera and had a marvelous time. I enjoyed it very much and afterwards was trying to get a cab home. There are always more people looking for cabs than there are cabs, so one can wait a long time for one.

There was an attractive middle age man about my son’s age that hailed the one I thought I’d be able to get. He was standing a few feet behind me and whistled through his fingers to get their attention. He glanced over and saw my disappointment at not getting it and he said since we were going in the same direction, why didn’t we just share it and split the fare? I said that was fine by me, so I got in the cab and off we went. The traffic was terrific and was merely crawling along. The driver seemed absorbed in his sports game on the radio and was talking back to it, ignoring us.

The younger man beside me was also very cosmopolitan and cultured and looked quite handsome in his tuxedo. We chatted away and found we had a lot of interests in common. Theater, gardening, cooking. He was recently divorced. He began to flirt with me. I look years younger than I am, so I did not find it out of place at all. Soon I felt his hand on my knee, then my thigh. He looked over at me as if seeking permission. I smiled at him. The driver was oblivious to what was going on, but at least the traffic had started to crawl along again.

I opened my legs wider to give him access and soon felt his fingertips toying with the crotch of my panties. He teased me and toyed with me and I was greatly enjoying his attentions, it had been awhile for me since a man had touched me. I decided to return the favor and felt the crotch of his dress pants only to find him rock hard. I could feel the outline of his penis clearly and gave it a squeeze. I looked up once more at the driver and he wasn’t paying us any attention. I decided to become bold and just go for it.

I hadn’t sucked cock in a long time and really wanted to feel that throbbing hardness in my mouth. I unzipped him and lowered my head to his lap and pulled out his erect shaft and gave it a few pumps before placing it in my mouth. I sucked in his cock head and flicked my tongue all over it, licking his sweet precum off of it, then plunged it all the way to the back of my throat. He gasped as I took his length within my mouth and didn’t gag. He had a good-sized cock, but I didn’t gag at all. I took it all the way down, then went back up to the tip. Back and forth I went. He let me suck him however I wanted. I grabbed his balls and gave them a slight squeeze and played with them a bit as I sucked and slurped away on his shaft right there in the back of the taxi.

He began to breath all ragged and shallow and I knew he was about to cum. I sped up my motions and began to feel my false teeth shift. I took out his cock and clamped down on my teeth hard to restick them before popping him back in my mouth. He didn’t even seem aware of what had happened. He whispered his stop was close, and I doubled my efforts and he silently shot his load down my throat and I swallowed every drop and cleaned off his cock with my tongue. He got out at his stop, and paid the driver enough to cover me going quite a way further than planned. He smiled at me and said what a wonderful evening he’d had. I replied back I had as well. I got out at my home a mile or so beyond that. The opera had indeed been a lovely outing that evening.

Come Here Often?

I had just gone to a fabulous concert out of town and had gotten a room for myself at a nice hotel, since it was too far to go back home afterwards that late at night. I stopped in the hotel bar before heading back up to my room to have a drink or two. Concerts always left me feeling a bit pumped up and there was no way I could fall asleep right after. I thought some drinks would calm me down a bit. The bar was nice and classy, there weren’t too many people in there at this hour, it was after eleven when I arrived. I was halfway through my second drink when I saw a man smiling at me from across the bar.

He came over after he caught my gaze. He was dressed like a businessman and looked very respectable and professional. He was in town for meeting he said and was just getting back from a long late one. We struck up a conversation and it became clear we got along really well. It wasn’t long before an invitation was extended to go back to his room with him. Normally I am not a one-night stand type of lady, but I was out of town, the night had been wonderful so far and I simply didn’t want it to end. So, I accepted his invitation.

We went up to his room in the glass elevator and walked the short distance down the corridor to his room and went inside. He poured us some drinks from the minibar, and we began to undress and kiss on the bed. He was a great kisser, and I soon learned had great hands. His fingers toyed with my ever moistening pussy lips and hardening clit. He lightly traced little circles around the base of my clit until I was practically clawing at his back. I wanted him inside of me so badly. He continued to kiss me and tease me and I begged him to fuck me. I needed his cock.

He granted my wish and plunged his cock into me, all the way up to the balls, filling me up completely. I gasped at his girth. I spread myself open wide for him and wrapped my legs around his waist. He nuzzled at my breasts, taking one nipple in his teeth and toying with it as we fucked. He soon rolled me over onto all fours and pounded me hard from behind. The whole bed shook with the force of his thrusts. He played with my clit, nearly making me cum, then he changed positions again and I was riding him. I rocked back and forth on his cock, my tits bouncing and heaving. He squeezed my ass and I pushed back and forth on him harder. It wasn’t long before I came on his cock.

He asked if he could finish in my mouth and I said of course. I was soon licking my own sweet wetness off of his still hard shaft. I took the full length of it into my mouth and deepthroated it. I lightly worked my teeth on his cock. My ex-boyfriend loved it when I did that. Not too hard, just enough to let them know you meant business, and he groaned with pleasure as I did so. He gripped his fingers into my long hair, face fucking me. I drooled copiously on his cock, making it all slick and slippery. I played with his balls and massaged them in my hands as I worked my lips up and down his veiny, throbbing dick.

I tapped his dripping cock head on my tongue and then thrust it back down my mouth. I could tell from his rapid, shallow breathing he was about to blow. I looked him right in the eye and flickered my tongue over the eye of his cock and that did it. I was rewarded with a mouthful of his cum. Spurt after spurt went into my mouth and down my chin. I licked it off and swallowed every drop of it. It had been a wonderful night, from start to finish. My fucking companion had been a good choice. He rolled over and went to sleep; and I went back to my room to shower. As I drove home the next day, I thought about the previous night’s events with a Cheshire cat’s grin on my face.


One of Ava’s favorite things about working at the sex shop is the workshops she gets to teach. She was always a teacher’s pet growing up, and sometimes that meant doing a little “extra-credit” research on the subjects she felt weren’t covered thoroughly enough in health class. By the 10th grade, she was a certified sex nerd, and proud of it. Now, she gets to use that deep well of expertise by sharing it – and tonight she’s sharing it with the crowd of enthusiastic middle-aged men who have gathered to attend the always-packed Fingerbanging 101.

“So first of all, you’re gonna wanna use a lot of lube,” Ava begins, once introductions have been handled. It’s the one thing she never leaves out of any sex lesson, no matter the topic.

“What kind do you recommend?” shouts some guy from the audience, as if she didn’t announce off the top that there would be a Q&A after each section. Fighting back an eye-roll, Ava turns to look at the store’s lube aisle to assess her options, but she’s beat to the punch by a sly-sounding purr coming from the back of the room. “Water-based is your best bet, so long as it’s glycerine-free,” her lumberjack-meets-viking coworker Miles chimes in. He’s polishing the steel dildos from the shop’s display case with a microfiber rag – and listening to Ava too, evidently. “Silicone-based is longer-lasting, but don’t use it if you plan on using silicone toys later.”

Ava’s impressed – she’s only ever seen Miles kick ass at selling Fleshlights and penis pumps, and had no idea he had more subtle talents. She clears her throat, adds “My clever coworker is correct,” and goes back to the lesson, explaining the location of the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina.

It’s only when she gets to the G-spot Q&A portion that Miles pipes up again. A man in the front row has asked about the spot’s ability to make someone squirt. “That can definitely happen,” Ava explains. “Usually it requires you to do a lot of fast, hard thrusting, either from your fingers or from something harder like a curved dildo.”

“But is it pee?” the man asks, wrinkling his nose in disgust, and Miles audibly laughs from the back.

“Ava can correct me if I’m wrong,” he offers, with a deferential tip of his head in her direction that makes his unkempt brown hair spill into his eyes a little, “but I think the current science on that is mixed at best, and I’ve certainly never tasted any squirt that seemed like it was pee.” He chuckles again at the very thought, and goes back to polishing the cold curve of steel in his hand. Come to think of it, the very toy he’s holding has made Ava squirt on a number of occasions, she notes as an involuntary blush creeps onto her face. Not at Miles’ hands, of course – just those of various ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends from her past – but now she kind of wishes she could sample his skills, too.

“What does it taste like?” the curious man in the front row wonders aloud, and Ava’s at a bit of a loss. She’s squirted all over partners’ faces before but never been privileged enough to get anyone else’s in her mouth. “Miles, do you have an answer for that?” she calls with a smirk.

Miles takes his time sliding the now-gleaming steel dildo back into its proper place in the display case, and tucks the microfiber into his jeans’ back pocket. He looks oddly like a car mechanic, albeit a particularly hot one. After a thoughtful pause, he muses, “Sometimes it tastes like buttered popcorn. Sometimes it’s a mix of sweet and salty. If someone’s been eating pineapple recently, it might taste like that.” He grins at the memory and goes back to cleaning, ever the picture of boyish nonchalance.

Ava doesn’t normally get flustered while teaching; no question can truly throw her for a loop, and nothing in the sexual realm is ever a complete surprise anymore. But she does struggle to get through the rest of her spiel – the remaining sections of the workshop, covering G-spot orgasms, the anterior fornix, and internal vibrators – because Miles’ brow is gathering sweat in the early-summer heat of the store, and his sleeves are rolled up, and she’s seen now that he knows more than he usually lets on.

Later, when the class participants have cleared out and their chairs have been stacked, Ava sidles up to Miles where he’s standing idly at the cash register. “You sure know a lot about squirting,” she observes, keeping her voice as neutral as possible.

“Yep,” he confirms cheerfully. “I’ll show ya sometime, if you want.” He winks. Ava wants.

Is Your Cock Included with the House?

I’d been in the market for a new house after getting a substantial raise at the company I work for. I’d been in a little shoe box of a place, but with this new raise I could really get the kind of home I’d been wanting to. I went to several open houses on weekends over a period of a few months looking for just the right property and this one Sunday afternoon, I think I found it. It was however a bit more than was in my budget. I looked around the entire house and was sure this was the one for me. It was nearly empty, only a few stragglers left, and the real estate agent of course.


The house cleared out and I stayed behind to tell him I was interested in putting in an offer and wanted to talk to him about it. I told him I was approved for almost the asking price and wondered if there was anything I could do to be the winning bid. We toured the house and I pointed out all the things I loved about it. The last room was the master bedroom, which had a king size bed in it.


I found this agent pretty sexy and I had no issue bartering with him to get this house. He said one of the couples that left before me had also made a bid on the house. I looked him right in the eye and asked if they were willing to do what I was to get it though. He asked what exactly I was willing to do, and I smiled and walked towards him. I pushed him onto the bed on his back and proceeded to remove my clothes. He looked a bit surprised, but not put off in the least and said no, they’d made no such offers.


I stripped down to nothing but my high heels and straddled him. He took my long blonde hair in his hands and pulled me towards him to kiss him, which I did. I felt his cock growing hard beneath me and he started to get undressed. We were rolling around on that bed kissing and fooling around. I asked if the owners might return and he said no, they were out of town until tomorrow, so we would not be disturbed. We were both very turned on, and he got me on all fours and I soon felt his cock head nestle into my wet pussy lips from behind before he slid all the way inside of me, making me gasp with his girth.


He grabbed my tits in his hands, pulling me hard back onto that cock. I could feel his balls slapping against me as we fucked. The bed creaked slightly as he pounded his cock into my shaved cunt. I reached down and began to finger my clit as he fucked me and I then took my pussy juice soaked fingers and offered them to him over my shoulder for him to taste. He sucked them into his mouth hungrily, tasting me. He then flipped me over onto my back and buried his face between my thighs and began to lick my pussy, expertly working my clit with his hot tongue until I was gripping the sheets in my fevered state of arousal.


He placed his hands under my buttocks to bring me even closer to his face, lapping up my wetness and increasing his speed to make me cum, which he did. I caught my breath from his pussy licking induced orgasm, and he was soon standing on the floor beside the bed, offering me his cock, which was still coated in my juices. I sucked and I slurped at that hard cock until he exploded in my mouth and I licked off every drop of his sweet cream. He was insatiable, and soon he was on his back and telling me to ride him again.


I mounted him and began my rhythmic rocking back and forth on his cock that was buried up to the balls in my pussy. He played with my tits and made my nipples as hard as marbles. I worked my cunt all over his hard shaft until I came and came all over him. Spasm after spasm making me twitch until I collapsed on top of him. He was a hell of a good fuck. He said I would be the one to get the house. I was thrilled at the outcome. I got the property, and I had a great afternoon in bed as well. I know how to close a deal like nobody’s business.

I’d Like the Sausage Please

One of my favorite restaurants can often have quite the wait from when you’re seated until when you’re served. My boyfriend and I went there the other night and again the wait was going to be lengthy. We got seated at this out of the way booth that was almost hidden by these large plants. I was afraid the waitress would forget about us entirely if she couldn’t easily see us. We were seated and ordered and were told it would be a good 45 minutes until we’d be served. There was plenty of garlic bread on the table to tide us over, but we soon got bored.


I then had a naughty thought and didn’t even think I should share it, but I did. I was feeling a bit horny and told my boyfriend I couldn’t wait to get back to his place after dinner since I wanted his cock so badly. I reached over his thigh and ran my hand over his crotch. I could soon feel his cock hardening under his jeans as I toyed with him under the tablecloth. I then got really bold and reached over and unzipped him and took his cock out entirely and was fondling him. I knew no one would be able to see us in this dim corner concealed by plants, but it was a restaurant and it was filled with people.


He looked around, making sure no one was watching and he looked a little hesitant to allow me to continue, but what he didn’t know was my plans were a lot more naughty than just a hand job under the table. I soon slid down onto the floor under the table and took his hard cock in my mouth. I heard him gasp as I did so. He was a bit on the shy side and I knew he’d be mortified if anyone happened to see what I was up to. I was a bit nervous the waitress would come back and notice me missing, or even worse, see my feet coming out from under the table.


I tried to pull my legs and feet totally under the table so no one would see any part of me. The red and white checked tablecloth came down halfway, but certainly not to the floor. I took his cock in my hand and held it like an ice cream cone as I swirled my tongue all around the head licking him until his cock was twitching in my hand. The waitress came to the table with our drinks. She didn’t see my legs, but I could hear her ask where I’d gone. With his dick in my mouth he stammered I’d gone to the lady’s room to freshen up. I saw her feet disappear out of the corner of my eye as she walked away to tend her other customers.


I’m sure his face would be as red as a beet, although it seems no one was the wiser to our naughty game. I laughed as I took his shaft all the way down my throat, slurping away as the restaurant sounds of clinking silverware and smooth jazz background music played softly. I knew from his breathing sounds he was getting close to cumming. I tickled his balls with my left hand as I worked his shaft with my right and worked my lips around his dripping cock head. I sped up my motions and I could see him gripping the edge of the table when I looked up from the floor. Suddenly, I was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot cum.


I swallowed it down, licked him clean, zipped him up and crawled back up to the seat, hopefully unnoticed by anyone. I wiped my mouth on a cloth napkin and had some water to cleanse my palate before the food arrived. The waitress came back with our food a few moments later. She gave me a bit of an odd look but, said nothing. We had our meal and scurried back to his place to fuck our brains out. He’d already cum once, so I needed to get caught up to him. I think we will not return to that place for a few months, we don’t want to raise any suspicions.

About Toy Care and Cleaning

If you intend to share toys with someone else, or you plan to use the same toy for vaginal and anal insertion, you can put a condom on the toy. By doing this, you will not need to get up to wash the toy thoroughly before using it again; you can just wrap it in a new condom. This should be done before another person uses it, and before you put it in a vagina after it has been in an anus. Anal bacteria can really wreak havoc on a vagina, so vigilantly try to keep it out of there.

Some vibrators are waterproof and can be cleaned like one might wash a dish, with soap and water. The ones that are not waterproof should never be submerged in water, as this can destroy a motor. They can be cleaned with a rag with soap and water.

Silicone toys can also be cleaned with soap and water, put through the wash cycle of a dishwasher on the top rack, or boiled only if they are 100% silicone. Use only water-based lubricants with silicone toys. Silicone lubricants can break down the surfaces of silicone toys.

Rubber toys, including jelly toys, are porous which gives bacteria the perfect little hidey holes they love for setting up house. Wrapping them in a condom for use is an excellent way to keep them clean. There are also anti-bacterial toy cleaning detergents and wipes available through our catalog. It’s important to read the directions as many of these products require that they be rinsed after wiping.

Skin simulating rubber compounds such as Futurotic Plus, Ultra Flesh, Cyberskin, Soft Skins Plus, UR3, Senso, and Fanta Flesh, just to name a few, are usually semi-porous materials. Therefore, extra care should be taken to clean and rinse them thoroughly between uses. Pat dry and dust them with corn starch to keep them from being sticky and to restore their original delectable skin-like texture.

All toys should be completely rinsed and dried prior to storage to keep them in the best quality possible.

Do I have a Small Cock?

It’s a common misconception, and widely held fear, that large penises rule the world of sexual happiness. In the reality of biology, 90% of erect penises measure 5-7 inches in length, and 1-2 inches in diameter. If you’re concerned that your penis is too small, you can rest assured that you are in good company. In a land led by Texans, our media and culture tell us that bigger is better. But that can’t be true of all things, especially when it comes down to tools. For a moment, think of your penis as a tool. If it is too small, what is it too small for? Just like different tasks require different tools, many people prefer different penis sizes for different activities. Some people say they like large ones for oral sex, medium ones for vaginal sex, and small ones for anal sex. Still others have preferences in the exact opposite direction and everything in between. Some people like the sensation of fullness that a larger penis can provide but there are many ways to achieve this sensation. For hundreds of ideas, just check out our catalog.

For some people, penis size doesn’t matter at all. In surveys about what women and men want in a lover, findings indicate that most people are looking for qualities like interpersonal connection with their partner, their partner’s attention and sensitivity to their body, and the ability to respond to their individual needs. So if you want to please your partner, take time to learn about your partner’s body and find out what moves them. Take a load of worry off your pecker and just love it, it stands to bring you some of the best pleasure you’ve ever known.

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