Got a Small Penis? Here Is How to Satisfy Her !

Is your cock a little on the smallish side? Lots of men’s sadly are, but it doesn’t mean you have no chance of a satisfying sex life. Most men wish they had a little more down there, but unless you suffer from micro penis, there is hope for you. One thing that many men that are undersized are quite good at, is oral sex. They know that their penis may literally be too small to get the job done so to speak and make a woman orgasm from penetrative sex, so they become extra skilled at pleasuring women orally. So you love to savor the aroma of a wet pussy before dipping your tongue into that sweet love nectar? Feeling that stiff little clit rise up in arousal at your oral attentions to her? Sucking on those juicy inner lips, and flicking that tongue over that love bud until your woman is gripping the sheets and screaming in orgasmic delight. For some women this will be enough, for others it will always be merely an appetizer.


There are toys that are made especially for men with a small penis to use on a woman. It’s like a strap on, but it’s hollow. They slip their undersized member into the toy and have sex with their woman with that on, it’s usually attached to a harness sort of arrangement. You can tell this really is only for the pleasure of the woman, since his cock is totally covered by the hollow sheath, he will not even be able to feel her pussy around his cock at all. There’s many options for the man with a smaller penis, a cuckold relationship is one of them. If they know they will not be able to satisfy their woman, they will sometimes get just as much pleasure watching her with another man that will be able to get the job done, and better than they ever could themselves. Many enjoy licking up the leavings of another man afterwards, still warm and oozing from her used pussy. Sloppy seconds, anyone? Not all women with tiny dicked partners would be open to such an arrangement, but if you are among the undersized, it certainly cannot hurt to ask if this sort of relationship interests them.


Different sexual positions are also good to experiment with, some will require that neither of the parties involved be overweight, since that makes it even harder to reach. The woman riding on top is a good sexual position for the smaller dicked man, since it leaves his hands free to stimulate the woman’s breasts and clit as she’s riding him, and it allows her to fully sink down on his cock. Missionary position with a pillow under the woman’s buttocks is another position that will get you in deeper than average. The pillow will elevate her naughty bits allowing you even better penetration than if no pillow was used. Placing a woman’s legs over his shoulders will also allow for more depth than is usual when the woman is on her back on the bed, rear end at the edge of the bed and the man standing.


Some ladies love a good fingering more than just about anything else, having their clits manipulated by a man skillful in the art of fingering is a wonderful feeling. Not all women need or even want the man’s fingers inserted, sometimes just massaging the woman’s clit as you are passionately kissing her or sucking on her breasts is all a gal needs. Mutual masturbation where you are touching her at the same time she is giving you a handjob is also a lot of fun. If she’s playing with your dick in her hand, it certainly won’t have the same importance size wise as it would if it was in her pussy.


Turning towards another man is another option for a tiny dicked man. Some women enjoy watching a man be humiliated for their amusement, forced bi. When they know virtually no woman will want them sexually, sometimes it’s easier just to change strategies entirely and learn to be a bottom in a same sex relationship. It truly will not matter if your cock is the size of an acorn if another man is using your ass and your mouth, you will be servicing him, and he won’t really care about your dick whatsoever.

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